Upgrade your downtime

One Base is a tray table for everyday living.


Amazing tables I ordered 4 for our living room and very practical and easily to move , multiple functions.. and I love it


It's sturdy, durable, and has a smart look. It gives you a minimalist vibe as well.

Abdulaziz Alfozan

Celver table and nice design. It's a bit heavy but feels very premium. I usually use the tray if I want to move around.

Bader A.

LOVE the table. Beautiful and practical at the same time. The moss green color is absolutely stunning. Also, perfect height for my couch!

Badriyah M.

The package was clean and minimal. Installing was as easy as 1, 2, 3. The removable tray is a game changer. Delivery was same day.


Removable tray

A tray that sits perfectly in place atop the table, on your lap, or right next to you.

Hidden slot

A hidden slot lines the back of One Base - perfectly angled to prop up your phone or tablet. Designed for double-screening, multitasking, and peeping (we prefer ignoring) your notifications while having a meal.

Unboxing in no time

You shouldn't spend your day looking through a manual. One Base assembles entirely by hand in less than a minute.

Meet the Designer